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Raise TV presents…Shushybye Baby

SHUSHYBYE is the land way above the clouds – and the land where the resident Shushies live and make dreams for children. Led by Snoozles, Dozie and Zeez, the Shushies place their completed dreams in Dream Boxes that are sent to children via the Shushybye Train driven by Conductor McCloud as they fall asleep. Nothing brings the Shushies more joy than to make the most wondrous dreams for little ones.

Snoozles is the leader of the trio – always caring and eager to help. When not making dreams, Dozie loves to bake all kinds of special pies. She also comes up with the most wondrous ideas that are very helpful to her Shushy friends. Zeez is quite lovable, fun-loving and always delighted to try new things.

Children need to be in bed on time in order to get their SHUSHYBYE dreams (i.e. when Mommy and Daddy tell them to). Before they go to sleep, children can tell the Shushies what they would like to dream for the night by sending Shushies their Dream Wishes. Children tell their Dream Wish to a star, and the star will race to SHUSHYBYE and give the Dream Wish to the Shushies.

You can explore and learn more about each Shushy by clicking on the image of each Shushy below. Shushybye and Goodnight!

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